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EnVi The First Lady

EnVi The First Lady also known as Arlesia Williams born January 1st 1987 in Topeka, Ks.

EnVi is a Luminary, living legend, lyrical mastermind, producer, promoter, actress, singer, writer, dancer, music artist, artist, designer, model and mother. EnVi has been a musical artist since the year 2000 writing over 110 songs including her hit single(s) ''Talk Dirty To Em'', ''Boss Muzic'' and ''John 3:16''. EnVi is Facebook famous for her beauty walks and going live at 5.

 EnVi the First Lady is an upcoming musical artist specializing in R&B/Hip Hop/Rap. Although that is so, EnVi also writes all genres of music. EnVi is also an author in which she wrote her first book entitled, "A Diva's Diary" when she was 17 year old completing and publishing it by the age of 19. EnVi also own's Lakarii Ware Clothing in which she founded in 2003.

 EnVi writes all her own music as has been writing for herself and others for over 9 years now. 

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