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EnVi The First Lady a Luminary


Reporter: Hello EnVi how are you today?

EnVi: I'm good how about yourself.

Reporter: I'm good thanks for asking.

Reporter: So, tell us a little bit about yourself. Tell us about EnVi.

EnVi: Well, what exactly do you wanna know about EnVi?

Reporter: Well, let's start from the beginning. Where are you from? how many siblings do you have and are your parents still alive?

EnVi: (Hehehehehehe) Well, those are all very good questions. To start I was born January 1st 1987 which would make me a New Years baby. (Yesssssssss hahahahaha) I was born in Topeka Kansas in 1987. My mother and I have the same first name and yes she and my father both are still alive and very well. 

Actually me, my mother and my daughter all carry the first name Arlesia. However, i'm from Kansas many people be like where? (Lol) I be like where they made Wizard Of Oz. Yeah, when I was little I use to try clicking my heels together thinking there's no place like home hoping it would take me there but it never worked for me. (hehehehehe) I have 4 brothers I am the only girl. Unfortunately and fortunately enough to be the only one with kids.  I have an older brother that actually passed when he was 3 and my older brother after him was born the day after he died. 

So, I was born after my big brother Jarrlon in which we all just call him Red. I have two younger brothers and they were born back to back. My mom wasn't playing no games when it came to having us. My baby brother Eugene is 27, Arias is 28, i'm 30, Red's 31 and Rondell would have been 34 if he was still alive.

Reporter: Ok, when did you move away from Topeka Kansas and where did you move to?

EnVi: Well, when I was about 5 years old all my family decided to leave Kansas and move to Minneapolis, Minnesota.  I mean i'm 30 now and I just moved away from there so i'm thinking like I no this can't be all to life. (lol) but I pretty much lived in Minneapolis, Minnesota all my life and now im in Atlanta Georgia to live the rest of my life. 

Reporter: Right exactly, I completely understand. Now let's talk a little bit about once you got older. I mean I can't ask you to much about your childhood and details of the real juice because you have a documentary releasing on your 31st birthday which is January 1st 2018 correct?

EnVi: That's right. Yesssssssss, i'll be 31 oh my God time is flying but yes that is exactly why I can't see myself not enjoying life. Life is to short and you only get one life to live. Ask me anything and yessssssssss my documentary which is entitled, "A Divas Diary" which is based off the story of my life. Everything will be true non fabricated stories. My life is pretty deep and interesting but everything happens for a reason and made me who I am today. A very powerful, intelligent woman with a real story to tell. See, I didn't allow what happen to me break and hinder me from having a future. I used my trauma and history to make me who I am today. So that I can help others who may have been in a situation similar to mines. 

Reporter: Ok, when exactly did EnVi come about? At what age were you when you decided i'm gonna be EnVi?

EnVi: I mean I've been doing music for over 10 years now. I believe I was around 8 or 9 years old when my big brother Red taught me how to rap so every since than I pretty much been in love with everything and anything pertaining music. With saying that, technically everyone on 26th ave N in Minneapolis actually called me, "First Lady" or "Lady Folks" not that I was a gang banger no I was just always highly respected and the First Lady in any and every group I associated myself into and with.  so growing up I began to call myself EnVi around the age of 17 or so. Actually when I first created the alter ego and begin branding the name EnVi I really just called myself that cause it looked cute when I wrote it in cursive (hahahahaha) when I spelled it the way I did E-N-V-I. Then as I got older the name just really fitted my personality, who I was and who I was trying to become. I seen how people really had and showed a lot of jealousy, savageness and envy towards me and family so at that moment i'm like you got the right one, my name is EnVi I'll give you a reason to be mad for real. (lol) so EnVi and everything about who I was to become as an artist, person an brand begin growing rapidly from there.

Reporter: Ok, you named your EP Luminary. Where did that come from? how did you think to name your EP Luminary? That's very creative and genius actually and why a EP for starters? 

EnVi: Thanks, to be honest I advertise that I am a genius all the time so that's funny that you would say that. Um, I just really wanted to do an EP first because I have a lot of music that was never heard in which I feel that is very beautiful music today. So with the platform and fan base that I have I didn't want to breakout and forget about what inspired me to be where I am today and that is my music from years ago. I see myself as someone who inspires others and make a big impact even on people who know me personally so I figure Luminary was the perfect way to come out, describe myself and music all in one so it was perfect. I mean lets be honest I am a true LUMINARY.


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